Warheads Hotheads Extreme Tropical Heat Worms 5oz (142g)

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Warheads Hotheads Extreme Tropical Heat Worms 5oz (142g)

CAUTION: They're EXTREMELY Sour! Warheads get their name from the explosively sour flavours that are packed into every single piece of candy they produce. Sure to make your tongue throb, but the delicious flavours will keep you coming back for more and more - So go on, challenge yourself and your friends to see who is the king of sour sweets!

First comes the sour.. Then comes the sweet.. Then comes the HEAT! These Warheads Hotheads Extreme Heat Worms are packed with flavour and offer you a unique experience unlike anything you have tried before - but your taste buds are sure to remember this one! Now with an extra extreme tropical twist! This pack contains the following fantastic flavours: Molten Mango, Lava Lime and Piping Hot Pineapple.

Imported from the USA.