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Nerds Halloween Candy Corn - 8oz (227g)

NEW for 2021! Stand out from the crowd this Halloween by inviting brightly coloured Nerds candy corn to your festivities! These are definitely not your grandfather’s traditional orange, white, and yellow candy corn; Nerds brings the satisfying crunch, tangy flavour and bold colour to the party! While the classic triangle shape remains the same, this dual-texture gummy candy corn features a soft and chewy mellow creme centre surrounded by a crispy candy shell exterior in 6 different fruity flavour combinations! They're sweet, tangy, crunchy, and chewy — all the yummy flavour and texture sensations you love in one 8-ounce bag. Nerds candy corn is disrupting traditionalism and revolutionizing candy dishes everywhere! There are 6 fruity flavour combinations found inside; Strawberry Shell with Strawberry Grape inside, Grape Shell with Strawberry Grape inside, Strawberry-Lemon shell with Blue Raspberry Fruit Punch inside, Blue Raspberry shell with Blue Raspberry Fruit Punch inside, Orange shell with Cherry-Watermelon inside and Watermelon shell with Cherry-Watermelon inside! Fill your candy dish with these bright and colourful candies or use these to decorate your Halloween cakes and bakes!

Sweet little sparks with Halloween delight.

These candy corn sweets are alright.

Rainbow of flavours side by side.

The most perfect combination that you've ever tried.

Imported from the USA.