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American Regular Soda

American Soda is still one of our most popular range of products. We stock all of your favourite American soda's including Mountain Dew, Coca Cola, Pibb Xtra, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, Hansens, Arizona, Shaq Soda and much more! If you've never tried American soda before you're in for a treat! Be sure to add a few cans to your cart and enjoy them at home. We know you'll be back for more!
Coca Cola Orange Vanilla 12fl.oz (355ml) - 12-Pack Soda and Drinks Coca Cola

Coca Cola Orange Vanilla 12fl.oz (355ml) - 12-Pack


Coca-Cola Orange Vanilla is here! For the first time in over 10 years, Coca-Cola has added a brand-new flavour to its lineup of canned sodas. Crack the can open and the unmistakable scent of a classic...

Boylan Orange Soda - 12fl.oz (355ml) Soda and Drinks

Boylan Orange Soda - 12fl.oz (355ml)


Boylan's story starts in America way back in 1891, when a pharmacist named William Boylan created an elixir in his Paterson, New Jersey, apothecary. He named that serum, a derivative of birch tree...

Big Red Soda 12-Pack Cans - 12fl.oz (355ml) Soda and Drinks Big Red Soda

Big Red Soda 12-Pack Cans - 12fl.oz (355ml)


Big Red Soda is a popular American cream soda, first created in Texas in 1937. Until the 1970's, it was exclusively marketed in Central and South Texas, and as such has a highly popular following in t...

AriZona Peach Iced Tea 23fl.oz (680ml) Regular Soda Arizona

AriZona Peach Iced Tea 23fl.oz (680ml)


Think about how good it feels to bite into a ripe, cold peach. Well, you’ll have that same feeling when you taste our smoothly sweet AriZona Peach Tea. Made with real black tea and real peach j...

Virgil's Root Beer 12fl.oz (355ml) - 4 PACK  Soda and Drinks Virgil's

Virgil's Root Beer 12fl.oz (355ml) - 4 PACK


Virgil's Root Beer is a multiple award winning gourmet beverage originally created by Ed Crowley, who traveled the world looking for the best natural ingredients in an attempt to create the world's fi...

Reed's Extra Strong Ginger Brew 12oz (355ml)

Reed's Extra Strong Ginger Brew 12oz (355ml)


Reed’s Original EXTRA STRONG Ginger Brew was our first creation, and is a Jamaican recipe for homemade ginger ale using 17 grams of fresh ginger root, lemon, lime, honey, cane sugar, pineapple, h...

Hawaiian Punch 12 pack cans 355ml Fruit Juice & Drinks Hawaiian Punch

Hawaiian Punch 12 pack cans 355ml


Delicious fruit juice drinks with the bold taste of natural fruit juices and flavors, the great taste that kids enjoy! Available in multiple sizes and flavours, there’s something for every occasion. T...

Dr Pepper Cherry - 12fl.oz (355ml) Soda and Drinks

Dr Pepper Cherry - 12fl.oz (355ml)


The smoothest addition to the Dr Pepper family that’s so amazingly smooth you just have to try it. A kiss of cherry makes it the smoothest Dr Pepper ever. Drink it smoother. Dr’s orders!Imported from ...

Coca Cola Classic (U.S. Origin) 12-Pack Cans Regular Soda Coca Cola

Coca Cola Classic (U.S. Origin) 12-Pack Cans


The original and still the best. Coca-Cola Classic from the USA in a 12-pack. 12 x 355ml cans.Imported from the USA....

Arizona Orangeade 23.5oz (695ml) Fruit Juice & Drinks AriZona

AriZona Orangeade 23.5oz (695ml)


Shown by the ingredients on the label, Arizona beverages are made with premium brewed tea as the main ingredient, all ingredients are 100% natural and there are no artificial flavours or preservatives...

Pibb Xtra 12fl.oz (355ml) 12-Pack Cans Regular Soda Pibb Xtra

Pibb Xtra 12fl.oz (355ml) 12-Pack Cans


Pibb Xtra is the new, bolder version of the popular soft drink, Mr. PiBB. Sold all across the USA, it's described as spicy cherry soda, marketed by the Coca Cola company to rival Dr. Pepper. This deli...

Fanta Mandarin 500ml (EU) Soda and Drinks Fanta

Fanta Mandarin 500ml (EU)


New flavour Fanta Mandarin , sourced from within the EU....

A&W Cream Soda - 12-Pack (12 x 12fl.oz (355ml)) Soda and Drinks A&W

A&W Cream Soda - 12-Pack (12 x 12fl.oz (355ml))


1919 Roy W. Allen opened his first root beer stand in California. Four years later Frank Wright came on board - they combined their initials and the A&W brand was born.This refreshing 12 pack of s...

Schweppes Indian Tonic Water 330ml Soda and Drinks

Schweppes Indian Tonic Water 330ml


Created by Jacob Schweppe in 1783 this premium Swiss brand of beverages is sold worldwide. Enter the realm of refined taste!Whether you are mixing a mocktail, cocktail or simply serving it on the rock...

Jones Soda - Strawberry Lime - 12fl.oz (355ml) - 4 Pack Soda and Drinks Jones Soda

Jones Soda - Strawberry Lime - 4 Pack


Jones Sodas are proud to stand for innovative and premium craft beverages. You can see it in everything they do, from their decision to use real cane sugar to the labels on their iconic glass bottles....