American Milk Drinks

Looking to shake things up a bit? Try one of our authentic American milkshakes today. Made with real milk and flavoured with genuine American chocolate and fruit flavours, you're sure to love our American Milk drinks. Whether you're looking for Hershey's Chocolate, White Chocolate and Strawbery milk shakes, or the world famous Yoo-Hoo chocolate drink, we've got them all covered in our Milk Drinks section.
Chocomel Can 250ml Soda and Drinks

Chocomel Can 250ml


Chocomel has been the chocolate milk drink of choice in the Netherlands' for over 80 years - so you know it must be good!This delicious treat can be enjoyed hot or cold so is perfect for cooling you d...

Fristi Can 250ml Soda and Drinks

Fristi Can 250ml


Fristi, the fruity yoghurt drink has been popular in Holland since it hit the Dutch market in 1986.Made from a delicious blend of yoghurt and fruit juice, it's a fun way to get your nutrients! Pr...

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