Calypso - Teamonade Peach Ice Tea Lemonade 20fl.oz (591ml)

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Calypso - Teamonade Peach Ice Tea Lemonade 20fl.oz (591ml)

We all know and love Calypso for their quality and range of delicious and refreshing drinks. Teamonade Peach Ice Tea Lemonade is made with the finest of ingredients and is the perfect thirst-quenching combination. Why not try it today!

Imported from the USA.

Please Note: Due to delivery restrictions, we can only accept up to 24 bottles of Calypso per order. Please ensure the total number of Calypso bottles in your order is 24 or below. If your order contains more than 24 bottles of Calypso, we will get in contact with you to reduce the number down to 24 or below. We cannot accept B2B orders of Calypso through this website. If you are interested in purchasing Calypso for a business, please visit or contact our Wholesale team on 01258 450752.