Skittles Singles To Go Wild Berry Punch - 15.2g

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Skittles Singles To Go Wild Berry Punch - 15.2g

NEW: Skittles Singles to Go Wild Berry Punch! Transform your plain boring water into a taste of the rainbow with this box of Skittles-flavoured singles to go! Each box contains 6 stick sachets that you can add to a 500ml (or 600ml for a milder flavour) bottle of water to create a deliciously fruity Skittles flavoured low-calorie drink! You could even mix and match sachets to create new flavour combinations! They're super convenient for taking the great taste of Skittles candy anywhere you go!


  1. Sip from a full bottle of water to make room for the powder
  2. *Pour one stick into a 16.9fl.oz (500ml) bottle of water or a large glass of water
  3. Shake bottle or stir until powder dissolves
  4. Enjoy!
*Optional: Mix with a 20fl.oz (591ml) bottle of water for a milder flavour.

Imported from the USA.