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Canada Dry Diet Cranberry Ginger Ale - 12-Pack (12 x 12fl.oz (355ml))

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Canada Dry

Canada Dry Diet Cranberry Ginger Ale - 12-Pack (12 x 12fl.oz (355ml))

First created in 1904 by Canadian pharmacist and chemist John McLaughlin, Canada Dry gained much of its popularity during Prohibition as a mixer. Its sweet flavour was the perfect mask for the home-brewed the liquor that was common at the time!

Now available in a variety of combinations this Canada Dry Diet Cranberry Ginger Ale has a unique flavour - the warm ginger being complemented perfectly by a splash of crisp cranberry. Enjoy it as a mixer or by itself for a crisp, clean refreshing beverage. A popular twist on a classic favourite with zero calories!

This 12-can fridge pack is ideal for keeping chilled at home so you can enjoy a refreshing can any time.

Imported from the USA.