Snickers - Slice 'N Share GIANT Bar - 16oz (454g) [Christmas] Sweets and Candy Snickers

Snickers - Slice 'N Share GIANT Bar - 16oz (454g) [Christmas]


This has to be seen to be believed! This HUGE XXL giant Snickers bar is slice & share for a reason. It's like a giant cake that needs slicing up to serve! It's a GREAT stocking stuffer, and makes ...

Snickers 50g - 40CT Sweets and Candy

Snickers 50g


The classic Snickers consisting of Milk chocolate filled with soft nougat and a gooey caramel centre with fresh roasted peanuts.Product of the EU...

Snickers White 49g  Chocolate, Bars & Treats

Snickers White 49g


A fantastic addition to the Snickers range for all you white chocolate lovers!A delicious familiar mix of caramel, peanuts and chewy nougat enrobed in a dreamy white chocolate coating - yum!Product of...

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