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Herr's Pepper Jack Cheese Curls - 5.5oz (156g)

Herr's Pepper Jack Cheese Curls are a tantalizing snack choice for those who enjoy a blend of creamy cheese and a kick of heat. These cheese curls are infused with the bold flavor of pepper jack cheese, known for its spicy and slightly tangy taste profile. The cheese curls offer a satisfying crunch in every bite, coupled with the fiery zest of peppers that complements the rich, cheesy base.

Ideal for spice lovers and cheese curl enthusiasts alike, Herr's Pepper Jack Cheese Curls strike a delightful balance between the creaminess of cheese and the boldness of spicy peppers. They are perfect for adding some excitement to snack time, serving at gatherings where a bit of spice is appreciated, or simply enjoying as a flavourful treat during a relaxing evening. The packaging is typically vibrant, reflecting the lively and zesty nature of the snack inside. Whether you're looking for a spicy twist on the classic cheese curl or just craving a snack with a little extra heat, these pepper jack cheese curls are sure to satisfy.

Imported from the USA.