Crunchy Cravings Original Sesame Chips - 3oz (85g)

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Crunchy Cravings Original Sesame Chips - 3oz (85g)

Even when you crave a crunch - you can still get a nutritional boost.

Crunchy Craving Sesame Sticks are packed with sesame seeds giving you nutrition with a satisfying lunch. Fresh, crunchy and delicious - Honey roasted sesame sticks are a good option to stop food cravings.

You can eat these Honey Roasted Sesame Potatoes straight out of the bag, delicious on their own or in a trail mix. Use the sesame seed sticks for dipping or as a filling in your favourite ice cream. Crispy sesame sticks are addictive. Keep these bags handy - you'll be reaching for these sesame cloves soon.

Imported from the USA.