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Original Spree Roll - 1.77oz (50.1g) Sweets and Candy Nestle

Original Spree Roll - 1.77oz (50.1g)


These sweet little discs of Wonka-inspired magic will send you on a Spree! Each Spree Roll is filled with all your favourite tangy flavours, including Orange, Strawberry, Sour Apple, Lemonade, and...

Original Spree Theatre Box - 5oz (141.7g) Sweets and Candy Nestle

Original Spree Theatre Box - 5oz (141.7g)


These brightly coloured candy look like they've fallen from the most delicious rainbow! They have a chewy sweet and tangy interior, coated by a crunchy candy shell. Each colour represents a different ...

Spree Chewy 1.7oz (48.1g) Sweets and Candy Nestle

Spree Chewy 1.7oz (48.1g)


These delicious Wonka Spree candy are the chewy variation of the SweeTart classic disk-shaped sweets. These bright, colourful and shiny sweets look like droplets fallen from a rainbow! They come in a ...

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