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Original Spree Theatre Box - 5oz (141.7g) Sweets and Candy Nestle

Original Spree Theatre Box - 5oz (141.7g)


These brightly coloured candy look like they've fallen from the most delicious rainbow! They have a chewy sweet and tangy interior, coated by a crunchy candy shell. Each colour represents a different ...

Original Spree Roll - 1.77oz (50.1g) Sweets and Candy Nestle

Original Spree Roll - 1.77oz (50.1g)


These sweet little discs of Wonka-inspired magic will send you on a Spree! Each Spree Roll is filled with all your favourite tangy flavours, including Orange, Strawberry, Sour Apple, Lemonade, and...

Spree Chewy 1.7oz (48.1g) Sweets and Candy Nestle

Spree Chewy 1.7oz (48.1g)


These delicious Wonka Spree candy are the chewy variation of the SweeTart classic disk-shaped sweets. These bright, colourful and shiny sweets look like droplets fallen from a rainbow! They come in a ...

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