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DWEEBS Tutti Frutti Theater Box - 120g Soft Candy DWEEBS

DWEEBS Tutti Frutti Theater Box - 120g


Get ready for a whimsical journey into candy wonderland with DWEEBS Tutti Frutti Theater Box. These delightful candies are a playful treat, perfect for those who crave a burst of vibrant flavor and a ...

Dweebs Orange & Cola - 45g Hard Candy Dweebs

DWEEBS - Orange & Cola - 45g


Now you can enjoy the taste of orange cola in crunchy, tangy candy form with DWEEBS!This flavour combination has been enjoyed in Germany for decades in the form of Spezi, a popular soft drink combinin...

DWEEBS - Watermelon & Cherry - 45g Hard Candy DWEEBS

DWEEBS - Watermelon & Cherry - 45g


DWEEBS candy are sweet, crunchy, tangy, and full of untamed flavour in exciting combinations!Try them in this delicious combo of watermelon and cherry; two flavours that have gone hand in hand since t...

DWEEBS SOUR - Lemonade & Apple - 45g Hard Candy DWEEBS

DWEEBS SOUR - Lemonade & Apple - 45g


If you're a fan of wickedly sour candy, look no further than DWEEBS SOUR!Their already tangy flavour has been supercharged to electric new levels of sour so your face will be puckering in delight with...

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DWEEBS - Grape & Blueberry - 45g Hard Candy DWEEBS

DWEEBS - Grape & Blueberry - 45g


If you like berry-licious candy, then look no further than this purple and blue DWEEBS duo!Juicy grape and sweet blueberry offer a burst of very berry flavour in every mouthful!They're sweet, crunchy ...

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