Hershey's is the chocolate king of America, what originally started out as a company that made caramel quickly turned into a well known household name for making superb tasting milk chocolate that is enjoyed by both kids and adults! Be sure to try one of many tasty soft milk chocolate products made Hershey's today!

PayDay Bar 1.85oz (52g) Sweets and Candy Hershey's

PayDay Bar 1.85oz (52g)


One day in 1932 a man named Frank Martoccio had a brilliant idea, and that idea was the PayDay chocolate bar! Since its creation this astonishingly tasty chocolate bar has given millions joy because o...

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PayDay Bar King Size 3.4oz (96g) Chocolate, Bars & Treats Hershey's

PayDay Bar King Size 3.4oz (96g)


The PayDay bar is an astonishingly tasty chocolate bar that has given millions joy because of its crunchy caramel covered roasted peanuts and chewy nougat filling. It is so deliciously satisfying that...

Whatchamacallit King Size - 2.6oz (73g) Sweets and Candy Hershey's

Whatchamacallit King Size - 2.6oz (73g)


Whatchamacallit candy bars from Hershey were first introduced in 1978 and over the years the recipe has evolved into the delicious crispy candy bar it is today.Made with peanut flavoured crisp, that h...

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