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The American Mega Sweet Mix - Large Tray

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The American Mega Sweet Mix - Large Tray

If you're looking for a unique, fun and tasty gift to give your friend, colleague or family member, or perhaps an American ex-pat, then this American Mega Sweet mix is perfect! This American flag decorated box will be sure to satisfy their sweet tooth with a wide range of inherently American sweets and treats! This real taste of America includes:

1 x Ferrara Pan GrapeHead Grape Candy 0.8oz (23g)

1 x Ferrara Pan Cherryhead Candy 0.8oz (23g)

1 x Mike & Ike - Original Fruits 0.78oz (22g)

1 x Mike & Ike - Jolly Joes 0.78oz 22g

1 x Mike & Ike - Berry Blast Candy 0.78oz (22g)

1 x Mike & Ike - Tropical Typhoon 0.78oz (22g)

1 x Chewy Lemonhead - Berry Awesome - 0.8oz (23g)

1 x Chewy Lemonhead - Fruit Mix - 0.8oz (23g)

1 x Chewy Lemonhead - Pink Lemonade - 0.8oz (23g)

1 x Chewy Lemonhead - Redrific - 0.8oz (23g)

1 x Chewy Lemonhead & Friends - Tropical - 0.9oz 26g

1 x Original Lemonhead - 0.8oz (23g)

5 x Nerd Fun Size (Strawberry/Lemonade Wild Cherry)

2 x Tootsie Roll Miniature 

1 x Sweetarts Original Miniature Roll

3 x Airhead Fun Size (Cherry/Blue Raspberry/Watermelon)

Our gift boxes are shrink-wrapped to finish them off and secure all the goodies in place.

Please Note: If any of the products inside of this gift tray are unavailable at the time of dispatch, we will substitute them with other similar products of similar or greater value. This may mean doubling-up on some flavours already in this gift tray.