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Blair's Death Sauces - Salsa De La Muerte 150ml

Caution: Blair's Sauces and Potato Chips are only for the bravest of the brave. With heat levels that range from the insanely hot sweet death and original death sauces, to the downright diabolical ultra death, we have a sauce to suit even the most insatiable of heat lovers. You have been warned.

Feel alive with this intensely hot Salsa De La Muerte Death sauce! Hot sauce knows no borders - this version of the classic hot sauce is made from only the finest Latin American ingredients, and with over 50% more habanero than the Original Death sauce, you're definitely going to feel it!

Imported from the USA.


Serving Size

This product has a serving size of 5g.


Habaneros Red And Orange , Vinegar , Fresh Cayenne Pepper , Ground Garlic , Chipotle , Juice Lime , Coriander , Fresh Herbs And Spices