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Maruchan Instant Lunch Udon Style Miso 2.25oz (64g)

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Maruchan Instant Lunch Udon Style Miso 2.25oz (64g)

Maruchan's delicious range of authentically Japanese ramen noodles make the perfect lunch, dinner or snack - and there's so many different flavours you're just about guaranteed to find a favourite! Whether you plan on picking up a deliciously convenient Instant Lunch pot, thinking about chowing down on a Maruchan Bowl, or simply want to make delicious home style ramen noodle soup without the fuss, we have you covered!

Perfect for when you're on the go, out and about, or want a quick and easy lunch but don't want to miss out on flavour - this delicious Instant Lunch Udon Style Miso is sure to hit the spot!

Imported from the USA.