Clearance Special - Project 7 Build-A-Flavour S'mores Sugar Free Gourmet Gum 1.06oz (30g) **Best Before: October 19**

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Clearance Special - Project 7 Build-A-Flavour S'mores Sugar Free Gourmet Gum 1.06oz (30g) **Best Before: October 19**

**This item is listed in the Clearance zone and is discounted because it has passed its Best Before date. Please refer to the title to see the Best Before date of this specific item**

If you've not yet heard of Project 7 gourmet gums, then you're in for a treat, and we've brought them over from the USA for you to try! These gums are really like no other, with amazing taste and unique flavours, and best of all - they're completely sugar free!

The Build-A-Flavour range offers so much more than regular gum! Each packet contains two resealable pouches, housing two different flavours, which you can enjoy on their own or mix together to create a combined dessert flavour! Grab a choco graham cracker, or a toasted mallow, or take one from each flavour and enjoy the combined taste of classic toasted S'mores! Alternatively, you could simply get a double stack of choco graham crackers for a naked S'more, or enjoy a double portion of toasted mallow! You could even mix and match your own new tastes from across the whole range! They're fun, creative, and the taste is OH so good and authentic!

Each 30g pack contains a whopping 24 pieces of gum, split between two compartments which house each flavour. Each compartment is full resealable, meaning they're great for carrying around with you on the go without the risk of them getting ruined at the bottom of a bag! They're also sugar free, meaning they're great for those watching their diet. You can still enjoy the great taste of yummy treats but without all the calories!

What's particularly special about Project 7 gums is they are 'products for good'. For each product sold, they give back to seven areas in need of good around the globe including; Feeding the Hungry, Healing the Sick, supporting those who Hope for Peace, Housing the Homeless, Quenching Those who Thirst, Teaching them Well, and Saving the Earth. You're not only treating yourself, but helping millions of people around the world too - it feels super good!

Imported from the USA.